Newsletter #24

INSIDE THIS ISSUE PE fundraising and shifts in LP tendencies The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the PE activity Healthcare investments by Venture Capitalists during COVID-19 VCs shifting from ERA to RIA

Newsletter #23

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Why don’t many VCs play the Game of investing into early-stage Gaming startups? Corporate Venture Capital – what you can expect Embracing the Sustainability Transition in Private Markets Football: the newest desired investment among PE houses

Newsletter #22

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Alternatives to Venture Capital – Tomorrow raises EUR3m through crowd-investing The food delivery sector is changing and Venture Capitalists like the taste of it The ever-weird relationship between Adidas and Reebok is entering the next round – what does Private Equity have to do with it? How Read more…

Newsletter #20

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Utilization of artificial intelligence by venture capitalists Oetker buys Flaschenpost – MEGA Deal for the German Venture Capital Ecosystem PE in Portugal in times of COVID-19 – a win-win deal

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