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VCPE (Venture Capital & Private Equity) is a unique student club founded at the leading Portuguese business school Nova School of Business and Economics. The club follows the process from venture financing to private equity buyouts by focusing on entrepreneurial finance for new ventures and consequently shedding light on leveraged buyouts as well as other activities performed by VC & PE funds. The VCPE club was created in 2018 after the 6 founders have come to the realization that the VC & PE fields have demonstrated tremendous growth over the last two decades, yet many business students fail to recognize their potential and amazing opportunities!

The VCPE club focuses on various communication channels and formats to provide information. These include workshops, panel discussions, networking cocktails with practitioners, as well as other events such as lectures and speeches held by top professors in the field.

The six founding members of the VCPE club have introduced a truly international spirit to the club by each having a different origin as well as integrating students with various cultural backgrounds into club life. This helps us to learn from each other on a daily basis and grow on a personal level.


Our workshops are organized with the aim to learn and apply various tools for financial modeling, contributing to our members' advanced training and development.


We are constantly analyzing the industry environment to inform our readers about the biggest changes taking place and our insights on the current market situation.


Our aim is to connect our club members with the experts in the industry, expand student's internal and external networks, as well as create opportunities for personal development.



The VCPE club is evidence of our student's growing interest in these industries. Skilled investors are a key ingredient for a dynamic entrepreneurial environment, and i hope the club will inspire more students to pursue careers in this field.

Venture Capital and Private Equity are rapidly developing industries, however, most students are far from understanding their inner workings. At the time we founded VCPE, there was not a single student club focusing on these fields. As a result, we at VCPE started a trend for opening new clubs focusing on more recent trends in the financial and startup industries.

When I met Valentin, we spoke about the difficulty of entering the VC and PE fields without having an established network. Therefore, we decided to create a community at Nova SBE, leveraging the university's brand to build a bridge to leading VCs and PEs in order to facilitate students' entry into the industry.

We founded the Nova Venture Capital and Private Equity Club in 2018 with a clear purpose in mind: responding to the lack of awareness regarding the VC and PE worlds at Nova, while matching the students interested in these fields with further professional opportunities.

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